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Love & Gratitude

Love & Gratitude

I couldn’t resist writing about an incredible day I spent last Saturday surrounded by my best friends and family. Getting married and everything leading up to it is so much fun and a great excuses to see your friends a little more often. But Saturday afternoon I got to experience what might possibly go down in history as “The Best Bachelorette EVER”


Windsor Arms Hotel


At 2:30pm 30 of my closest friends and family gathered in the exquisite purple room at the Windsor Arms Hotel and indulged in the most elegant afternoon high tea. Everyone came dressed for the occasion with a fun fascinator (of course) and a fancy afternoon dress. As I sat in the middle of the room surrounded by so many amazing people in my life, I was bursting at the seams with an overwhelming amount of love and gratitude!


Purple Tea Room


 If you ask my friend they will all tell you they are my “best friend” VERY TRUE! I have lots of best friends and each and everyone of them represents a different time and importance in my life. As I said in a previous post you want to choose quality over quantity with your friends..I don’t know how I ended up with so much quantity of quality but I have to say watching each of their beautiful faces sharing a memory or story about our friendship made me gush with pride.

I had my bestest friends ever there: My mom & sisters! All my beautiful nieces also go to be a part of it of the special day. I loved having a stagette that was mom appropriate, and watching my niece adorned in fascinators enjoying high tea with the ladies – priceless!

Amazing Mom & Sisters!

The next generation


I was also surround with my best friends from childhood, high school, University, big sister from my sorority,  and my Usana sisters! Seeing everyone dressed up for the occasion was so much fun!

Surrounded by Love


One of the best parts of the afternoon was listening to each friend read a little note or share a memory about our friendship.

Here are a few I thought were fun are appropriate to share!

“Shelly has been preparing for her wedding to Ryan since we were in grade 3. I used to go over to Shelly’s house and she had pulled out pictures from magazines of what her wedding dress was going to look like, and her wedding hair, and her house and her car… Cat xoxo”

“The girl that I go to when I need advice on clothes, men, visualizing my life and consulting on crystals”

“Remembering the day I found out I was pregnant with you. The best gift God could give me. Love Mom”

“My favorite memory of Shelly is sitting in her big white fluffy bed in her fuchsia pink room at Western and watching back to back episodes of the Wedding Story and Baby Story. We had our wedding planned years ago and I can’t wait to see your special day unfold” Katie xo

It was so nice to hear the memories and take home a bucket of little notes from everyone that was there.

Now if you’ve never had High Tea before I would highly recommend finding a spot in your area and taking the time to experience it. It is so much fun to enjoy all the little sweets, little bite size sandwiches, the scones, jams and devonshire cream mmm mmm mmm. The assortments of teas are out of this world and the combination of all things wonderful = a wonderful experience!

High Tea


After a few hours of feeling like “Royalty” we all headed up to the beautiful spa. 5 hours were spent relaxing in fluffy white bathrobes and taking turns getting facials, manis, pedis, massages, body wraps and so much more. In between appointments we all used the beautiful salt water pool, sauna and steam rooms!


Windsor Arms Spa


 I think the best part about doing a bachelorette this way was that everyone left feeling rest, pampered, relaxed and refreshed!

The day couldn’t have been more perfect and I can’t express my gratitude to everyone who was there to celebrate and enjoy with me.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my beautiful friends who surround me with so much love! I am overly grateful for each and everyone of you!

I’d also like to give a special shout out to twobirds bridesmaids for dressing me for the occassion. The dress was a big hit and made me feel even more like a princess for the day!

twobirds bridesmaid - Full Rosette


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