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A Miracle is Going to Happen Today

A Miracle is Going to Happen Today


A Miracle is Going to Happen Today!

It was about 13 years ago I found this beautiful affirmation “A Miracle is Going to Happen Today”. It said that waking up and saying this sentence every morning would “attract good fortune and have a magnetic and cummulative effect. Within a short space of time, you will recieve a fantastic phone call or a letter, or you will meet with someone who will change your life for the better.”
I absolutely loved this!
It became my new morning ritual, and has been the first thing I say when I wake up each morning ever since. For many years now I have lived by this mantra, and believe it or not miracles happen everyday in my life, and in yours. I may not get a phone call everyday or meet someone everyday who changes my life, but it has certainly made me aware of the mini miracles I encounter on a daily basis and let’s me enjoy them and be grateful as each one happens.
The first step in creating the life of your dreams is taking the time to recognize the signs the universe presents to us.  Most of us live a busy life running around on auto pilot with blinders on we forget to make sense of the most obvious signs being handed to us. We walk around with our face in our blackberry and iphones or drive the same route everyday we don’t notice the brand new building that had been built in the last few months. When we get caught up in these routines we don’t notice the miracles and signs happening around us.
Its time to take off the blinders and think about it.
What miracle happened in your life today?
Miracles are also contagious. If you haven’t had something beautiful happen today I encourage you to go create a miracle for someone else and see how wonderful it feels. Help an old person with their groceries, give someone a compliment as you wait in line, or just smile, smile at a strangers! The smile on their face will be contagious and before you know it your energy will shift and a miracle will come your way.
Miracles are beautiful and they happen everyday. It’s time to become aware of what miracles happen in your life daily and be grateful for each and every one.
The best way to remind yourself each morning is to start with the phrase;
“A Miracle is Going to Happen Today” and watch them all unfold!
Miracles happen to those who believe!

  1. Erin Harvey says:

    I love this article and I love this saying. Thank you for reminding me the importance of saying it every day and believing it.

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